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Dubrovnik is one of the pearls of the Adriatic Sea, a city in Croatia that has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. It is a preferred tourist destination for thousands of Europeans. The city has a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants, spectacular beaches, marinas where you can tie up your yacht or boat, and numerous possibilities to enjoy your holidays in the Adriatic Sea along the Dalmatian Coast.

Dubrovnik is a coastal city as well as the most important city in the Coast of Dalmatia. Known as the "Pearl" of the Adriatic, a name that comes from all of the beauty this city possesses. It has the loveliest infrastructures of hotels, apartments for rent, boat charters, hostels, houses and homes, restaurants, bars and breathtaking views, beautiful scenery, incredible beaches and a heritage of an incalculable valor.

Dubrovnik was catalogued World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1979, a title that made an even bigger name for this city for the elite european tourism.

Today Dubrovnik is one of the main tourist destinations of the Mediterrenean, it´s variety in hotels, hostels, apartments, houses and chalets that it possesses. There are many enchanting places to visit like the islands which were declared a National Park. The most important islands are those of Mljet and the Island of Locrum. These islands are a natural marvel where you can go scubadiving, or even go to a nudist beach. You can also add another bonus, which is that you can charter a boat with or without a skipper and enjoy your holidays sailing alond the Adriatic Sea.

Incredible beaches, nightlife, restaurants, shops to go shopping, golf courses, natural parks, islands etc...Dubrovnik is incredible, so come and enjoy your holidays in Dubrovnik!!


  • Reference:mrcr07

    Dubrovnik apartment for rent in Croatia perfect for holidays in the sun. Shared terrace with barbecue and summer...

    Desde 141 €

    141 €

    Reference: mrcr07
  • Reference:mrcr13

    This apartment in croatia is located very close to the historic center of the city of Dubrvnik. Public parking...

    Desde 63 €

    63 €

    Reference: mrcr13
  • Reference:mrcr01

    This Dubrovnik accommodation in Croatia, Europe is just a few minutes to the beach. The apartment has access to...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: mrcr01
  • Reference:mrcr11

    This apartment in Dubrovnik, Croatia is only a few meters from the historic center of the Dubrovnik. You'll...

    Desde 107 €

    107 €

    Reference: mrcr11
  • Reference:mrcr02

    This Dubrovnik apartment in Croatia, Europe is perfect for a holiday escapade. Nicely furnished and equipped for...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: mrcr02
  • Reference:trcr02

    This Dubrovnik apartment in Croatia is situated in the historic city center. It is however in a tranquil area...

    Desde 95 €

    95 €

    Reference: trcr02
  • Reference:mrcr03

    This lovely accommodation in Dubrovnik, Croatia is perfect for holidays in the sun. Directly in front of the beach,...

    Desde 61 €

    61 €

    Reference: mrcr03
  • Reference:trcr01

    This apartment rental in Dubrovnik, Croatia is located in the historic center of the city. Close to the beach,...

    Desde 94 €

    94 €

    Reference: trcr01
  • Reference:mrcr05

    This lovely apartment rental in Dubrovnik, Croatia directly in front of the beach, with a shared terrace with barbecue...

    Desde 103 €

    103 €

    Reference: mrcr05
  • Reference:mrcr12

    This Dubrovnik apartment rental in Croatia. Just a few meters from the historic center of the Dubrovnik. You'll...

    Desde 94 €

    94 €

    Reference: mrcr12
  • Reference:mrcr06

    Holiday apartment in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The apartment is perfect for couples or small groups. Fully furnished...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: mrcr06
  • Reference:nicr01

    Nice apartment in an old stone house close to the historic center in DUBROVNIK. The beach and pine forest are also...

    Desde 83 €

    83 €

    Reference: nicr01
  • Reference:mrcr14

    This apartment in Dubrovnik, Croatia is located very close to the historic center. Fully furnished and equipped...

    Desde 63 €

    63 €

    Reference: mrcr14
  • Reference:mrcr23

    Desde 115 €

    115 €

    Reference: mrcr23
  • Reference:lide01

    Desde 166 €

    166 €

    Reference: lide01
  • Reference:mrcr04

    Desde 78 €

    78 €

    Reference: mrcr04
  • Reference:mrcr09

    Desde 112 €

    112 €

    Reference: mrcr09
  • Reference:mrcr20

    Desde 101 €

    101 €

    Reference: mrcr20
  • Reference:mrcr21

    Desde 121 €

    121 €

    Reference: mrcr21
  • Reference:hotel-excelsior-2

    Located just 5 minutes’ walk from Dubrovnik’s Old Town, this seafront 5-star hotel is a local landmark....

    Desde 400 €

    400 €

    Reference: hotel-excelsior-2
  • Reference:hotel-adriatic

    Only 50 metres from the pebbly beach, the modern Hotel Adriatic offers a gym, a clay tennis court, and air-conditioned...

    Desde 149 €

    149 €

    Reference: hotel-adriatic
  • Reference:dvori-lapad

    Only 50 metres from the beach, Dvori Lapad is set in a quiet area of Dubrovnik on the Lapad Peninsula. Featuring...

    Desde 686 €

    686 €

    Reference: dvori-lapad
  • Reference:hotel-splendid

    Set in a picturesque Mediterranean garden leading down to a private beach, the Splendid hotel is situated in the...

    Desde 167 €

    167 €

    Reference: hotel-splendid
  • Reference:hotel-kompas

    Overlooking the sea in the beautiful Lapad Bay, the Kompas hotel can be found near a pebbly beach and the popular...

    Desde 297 €

    297 €

    Reference: hotel-kompas

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